Rock Guard HD6

Rock Guard HD6

AM:Rockguard HD6

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This is a replacement rock guard for the lower downtube of the HD6. Use this to keep your lower downtube protected.

Key Specs: 

  • Easy “peel and stick” installation
  • Made from 5mm thick toughened rubber

Installation Tips

  • Cold may prevent the guard from adhering properly. We recommend applying at temperatures 50F/10C or warmer.
  • We recommend applying only if your paint is in good condition. If the paint is chipped, there is a risk you could remove additional paint when removing the guard.
  • To remove, we recommend applying a gentle heat from a warm hair dryer to reactivate the glue, then gently peeling up the edges. 
  • Ibis is not responsible for any paint damage that may occur when removing the adhesive. 

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