ISCG 05 Tab Mount

ISCG 05 Tab Mount

AM:HD3 ISCG Tab Adapter

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  • Mojo HDR
  • Mojo HD 3 - 5
  • Mojo 3 - 4
  • Ripley 4
  • Ripley V4S
  • Ripley AF
  • Ripmo 1 - 2
  • Ripmo V2S
  • Ripmo AF

Adapter thickness is 2.5mm; when accounting for BB spacing on the drive side

GXP Sram 68= 2.5mm spacer DriveSide and 2.5mm on NonDrive side
GXP Sram 73= No spacer - just cups to frame

Dub Sram 68=2.5mm DS / 2.5mm ND NOTE: There is a 4.5mm spacer required that goes between DS crank and outside of BB cup.

Dub Sram 73= NO SPACERS under bb cups, 4.5mm spacer between DS crank and outside of BB cup *If using the ISCG adapter then the IBIS will need to get you a 2mm spacer to replace the 4.5mm spacer

Shimano 11 & 12 speed 68= 5mm DS / 2.5mm ND
Shimano 11 & 12 speed 73= 2.5mm DS / none ND

RaceFace NextR 12S 68= 3.75mm DS / 2.5mm ND
RaceFace NextR 12S 73= 1.25mm DS / none ND

If you want to mount a chain guide on your Ibis, you will need one of these.

When using SRAM DUB cranks along with the ISCG plate on a RipMo or any frame with a 73mm bottom bracket shell width, you will need the SRAM DUB 2mm spacer inside the drive side crank arm against the bottom bracket shell.

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