Hakka MX Port Kit

Hakka MX Port Kit

AM:HKMX Port Kit

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This port kit is made specifically for the Hakka MX to accommodate any type of drivetrain setup. The 2022 Hakka MX and earlier model years are compatible with a cable-actuated front derailleur. 2023 and newer frames with the updated Ibis branding, may only use wireless and electronic front derailleurs.

Kit Contents:

99-111 single port
99-112 single hydro port
99-114  single Di2 port
99-117 double port/hydro
99-119 double blank
99-121 double port blank
99-123 double hydro/blank
99-126 double port/port
99-127 double hydro/Di2
Grommet Plug 6mm
Cable Noodle (Front Derailleur Housing)
Cable Boot/Seal
Port bolts M4x10mm x4

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