Arundel Carbon Other Sideloader Water Bottle Cage

Arundel Carbon Other Sideloader Water Bottle Cage

A:Water Bottle Cage Arundel

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Side Exit

We've tried countless side-loading cages for the water bottle bosses on the top of the downtube and the Arundel has been our favorite for the Ripmo, Ripley, Exie and other models.

The low-profile cage allows for easy bottle entry from the right, and holds the bottle securely. In fact, we liked this cage so much, we thought we'd offer them ourselves, so here they are. It is the right side bottle entry version.

Oh yes, the cage is matte black carbon fiber, and weighs a scant 30 grams.

We offer the 'sideloader' cages with the left side exit. They work great on the seat tube bottle mount location on the Exie, or if you prefer a left side exit on the downtube. The 'other sideloader' is pictured.